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Nets 2 U offers ONSITE computer support for business, home office, hobbyist, and anyone who has a problem using their computer.

Nets 2 U is an independent firm working to provide instant gratification for PC or MAC users who are interested in getting their Internet connections up and running quickly.

Nets 2 U offers WEB Page design services to businesses and organizations interested in developing a distinctive presence on the Internet with CGI programming and forms support

Nets 2 U offers affordable Onsite PPP setups for Macs and PC's in the convenience of your home or office.

Nets 2 U can install a network for you whether it is for just 2 machines or 200 machines. We have many netwoking solutions that are designed with your needs in mind.

Nets 2 U has the knowhow to teach you computer self-defense, something that all computer users can use, taught at your speed and at your level of expertise.

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